“I would like to point out, though she’s only been there two days so far, my daughter has come home absolutely GIDDY each day… so glad we heard about your place! She can’t stop talking about how much fun she’s having.”

Ruth (parent of a 5th grade girl) – first year camper

“Just wanted to thank you for a great summer at HPR. It was our first year, and [our three kids] had a great summer. I was especially impressed with your winning [our son] over as he started camp very opposed to the entire idea, and struggled a bit in the beginning. Your staff did a fantastic job of finding his passions and ‘forcing’ him to love camp. He even told some of his friends they should come a few days a week next summer (I think his friends are the only thing ‘missing’ for him there now!!) [Our two older kids] now want riding lessons thanks to HPR (not sure about that – we are pretty busy already, but shows how much they loved the horses). [Our oldest] wants to be a counselor someday. Great, great job. Really impressive operation you have. Thanks for sharing love with our kids and enjoy your year!”

Kirsten and Jeff (parents of three kids) – first year campers

“I love reading and seeing the updates. It’s so hard to let a 7 ½ year old go out into the world and gain independence. I’m so glad that we found HPR!”

Amanda (parent of a 2nd grade boy) – first year camper

“We love Hidden Pines Ranch! The Counselors genuinely care about the kids. And the activities are so great for the kids to learn and grow. It really showed on the last day when the kids and counselors were emotional about the end of camp. This is a wonderful camp experience for the kids and I highly recommend it to all families. We just finished our 4th year and the kids plan to attend many more summer camps at HPR! THANK YOU HPR Staff for the great summer memories.”​

Patty (parent of two girls) – returning for their 4th year

“I just wanted to let you know [my daughter] is having a blast at camp this summer so far. She says she wishes she could come everyday. I was not sure how it was going to go at the beginning of the summer because [she] would not have any close friends at camp. But because of your wonderful staff there [she] has had no anxiety about camp and has had a ton of fun. Thank You!”

Karen (parent of a 2nd grade girl) – returning for her 2nd year

“Another great summer spent at Hidden Pines. All parent guilt of balancing work and family quickly disappeared as the kids are sooo sad camp is over! Thanks for all you do to make each kid feel unique and special!”

Donna (parent of three kids) – returning for their 3rd year​​

“A great big thank you to all the amazing people at HPR! The play was wonderful. I really enjoyed seeing [my son] as the huntsman, what a fun/well written script. Both boys had a blast being a part of it. The horse show was great and very well organized too. The campers did a great job showing us their horse riding skills. Finishing the last week off with the Tournament of Champions….the boys haven’t stopped talking about it. Like I said YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! I couldn’t ask for better role models for our boys. Thanks for all you have done for them this summer.”

Ann (parent of two boys) – returning for their 4th year

“The last day of camp is always bittersweet, such great memories. Thank you HPR for another great summer!”

Jane (parent of a 5th grade boy) – returning for his 3rd year